The Story of June and Joy

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Hello friends! I've designed the MOMLOVE event to celebrate and document the incredible relationship you have with your mother or with your children. To book your half hour fine art photography session on May 30th at Harden & Huyse Chocolates, simply email me at or give me a shout at 905.373.8765. These time slots are by appointment only. Session fee funds go to CORNERSTONE FAMILY VIOLENCE PREVENTION CENTRE to support programs for women and children. It's an amazing way to have the legacy of your connection with your mom or children documented while giving to a wonderful organization. It really is a win-win situation! Read on to understand the deep impact a mother-child photo session had on Joy Gilbert.

She took a look at me that first moment, and our Mother-Daughter love affair started and kept going until she drew her very last breath. My love for her, my Mum, June, Junie-Taboonie, Mumsie is simply indescribable. But when I look at Jocelyn’s photos of us together, I can see the love. Mum has been gone nearly two years now. When I feel sad and lonely, I remember her loving words as she advised me how to go on without her. She said, “Don’t cry and carry on. Go out with your friends, have a good time and be happy. When I’m gone, remember that I’ve had a fabulous life and you’ve been my dearest treasure. I know you love me, but you’re going to have to let me go.” So I try not to cry. When I feel sad, I’ll go to my purse and pull out my two treasured photos, both shot by Jocelyn. In the first, she’s kissing my cheek and I’ve got my eyes closed and I’m smiling. In the second, some years later, I’ve got her wrapped up in my arms and we are so happy. In both pictures, we look like we’re basking in the love!  Who could have guessed that Jocelyn would contribute so much to me. It’s strange, but I can’t even remember these shots being taken. They look completely natural and spontaneous. With every passing day, these photos mean more to me. They have become very dear to me and again and again, they remind me of my precious Mother and our deep abiding love for each other. Thank you, Jocelyn!

From the heart, 

Joy Gilbert



Photography Fundraising Event, Cobourg Ontario

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         Announcing an innovative photographic event hosted by:


                jocelyn fisher P H O T O G R A P H Y


                            IN PARTNERSHIP WITH 


               Harden & Huyse Chocolates 


    Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre


          If you’re a mom or know a mom, then you’ll want to read on!


After looking up the definition of “mother” I was a little shocked. Simply put, a mother is “a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.” Really!? The nitty gritty of what we do following that momumental drive home from the hospital can remain unsaid. We all know what we’ve given, sacrificed, taught, supported and lost sleep over. However, what about the joy, delight and unending love we have received from our children? I propose that there is no other relationship on earth that gives rise to a broader range of emotions and feelings than that of mother and child. The beauty and depth of that connection is what I am striving to document with this project that I have named: 






Fine art photo sessions of moms and their child or children. Mothers and children of any age welcome!



Harden & Huyse Chocolates, 201 Division St., Cobourg, Ontario



Saturday, May 30, 2015 (appointment times will be every half hour starting at 10:00 a.m.)



$100 session fee with 100% of the funds going directly to Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre to support programs for women and children.


After the session 

Each family will have a Design Consultation to collaborate with Jocelyn regarding the best wall art or other products for their home. Artwork such as beautiful canvases, archival prints or fine art albums can be purchased a la carte. A further donation of 10% of all product sales will be directed to Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre.


To book

If you’re interested in reserving your spot for this amazing opportunity, please contact Jocelyn Fisher Photography at 905.373.8765 or If you need more information before you make a decision, I’d be happy to answer your questions. The eight planned time slots will fill up quickly so get in touch with me soon to book your beautiful momlove photo session!


Let’s keep in touch

In the future, I will be announcing such events through the Jocelyn Fisher Photography email newsletter. Think “dadlove” or perhaps “grandparentlove”! I promise you, I will not take over your inbox. You might see me once a month or at the most, every couple of weeks. The focus of the newsletter will be to inform and entertain while also highlighting upcoming promotions or charitable events. To sign-up, please go to: Sign up for jocelyn fisher PHOTOGRAPHY here. As a GIFT for opting in, you will receive an informative pdf with ten of my favourite ways for taking better snapshots of your children (most of these suggestions can be used for taking photos of people of any age). You will not want to miss this opportunity to improve your own photography skills. For my subscribers, I will occasionally have other delightful freebies! If you’ve made it to the bottom of this email, thank you kindly for your time. It would wonderful if you’d take a minute to pass it on to anyone you think would be interested, especially those in the Northumberland area. Your support is very much appreciated!

A Lovely Family Session in Toronto | Cobourg Family Photographer

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When my dear friends asked me to document their family in June, I was so honoured and thrilled. We started off in their gorgeous home and then moved onto St. Clement's church. We also wanted a natural setting so headed over to the Lawrence Park area. We were blessed with absolutely beautiful lighting throughout the evening. I think their carefree, easygoing way in addition to the sheer love they have for each other, just shines through in these images.

Leech_Final_LowRes-65Leech_Final_LowRes-65 Leech_Final_LowRes-37Leech_Final_LowRes-37 Leech_Final_LowRes-53Leech_Final_LowRes-53 Leech_Final_LowRes-58Leech_Final_LowRes-58 Leech_Final_LowRes-62Leech_Final_LowRes-62 Leech_Final_LowRes-4Leech_Final_LowRes-4 Leech_Final_LowRes-21Leech_Final_LowRes-21 Leech_Final_LowRes-7Leech_Final_LowRes-7

La Jeunesse Fundraiser | Cobourg Photographer

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Wow, it has been far too long since I've let loose on this blog! I have so many things to write about but I thought I'd start off with a wildly successful La Jeunesse Youth Choir fundraiser I was involved with throughout April and May of this year. Basically, I did a mini-session with each chorister (over 40!) at the Trinity United Church where the rehearsals take place. It is a gorgeous building with weather-worn brick and many a nook and cranny in which to work with these amazing children. The sessions were very short so I had to shoot at an incredibly fast pace. It was certainly exhilarating. I had a number of very supportive volunteers who were integral to the success of this project. From feedback I received via choir members, parents and staff, the experience was a positive one for the children. A hearty thanks to everyone who participated in any way with this project!



Take a peek at some of my favourite images...

LJ_Acassia-1LJ_Acassia-1 LJ_Paige-1LJ_Paige-1


LJ_Cammy-1LJ_Cammy-1 LJ_Grace-1LJ_Grace-1 LJ_Evelyn-1LJ_Evelyn-1 LJ_Juliette-1LJ_Juliette-1 LJ_Kira-1LJ_Kira-1 LJ_Lily-1LJ_Lily-1 LJ_Rachael-2LJ_Rachael-2 LJ_Lauren-1LJ_Lauren-1 LJ_Rachael-1LJ_Rachael-1


The Everyday Photographer Workshop {Cobourg Photographer}

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Here's an update on the "THE EVERYDAY PHOTOGRAPHER: A Workshop for Parents Who Strive to Capture Brilliant Photos of Their Childrenthis Thursday at C.R. Gummow Public School (287 Gravely St., Cobourg, ON K9A 1H8) 

Cost: $25 with all proceeds going towards the Get A School, Give a School campaign to raise funds for a school in Honduras through Plan Canada. Cheques payable to Jocelyn Fisher Photography. 

Date and time: May 22, 2014 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

R.S.V.P.: Contact me at OR C.R. Gummow at 905.372.9752. At this point, you can let us know you're coming and pay at the door. It will help us plan for seating and goodies!

Details: The workshop will cover how to best prepare to take photos of your children, composition, lighting, some technical information, storage/organization, post-processing, presentation, and much more. No experience is necessary at all and you don't need to have a digital SLR. However, if you do have an SLR, bring it just so you can fiddle with the dials as we are going through some of the technical items. You do not have to be a Gummow parent. Anyone who is interested in taking photos of children or even just people in general will benefit from this information. You'll leave with a comprehensive handout so you don't have to worry about forgetting anything!

We really look forward to seeing you! Be inspired to let your creativity soar!

Mindfully documenting the everyday beauty of your life...

Jocelyn Fisher Photography offers authentic, modern portraiture of babies, children, and families in their home or other meaningful locations. Using natural light and a relaxed approach, my aim is to document the honest beauty of childhood and the real connections within families. Clients are attentively guided through the entire process from pre-session consultation to the design and presentation of their fine art prints and albums. All products offered are archival in nature and of the highest quality. Jocelyn Fisher Photography serves Cobourg, Port Hope, all of Northumberland County, Durham Region, Quinte/Belleville, and beyond.

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